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Nick White (mode*@*

I love all things RC. I run a MultiGP Drone racing club, I’m also heavily involved with my local fixed wing airplane club. I’ve meet friends, spend time with family, support businesses all due to

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David Easley (easl*@*

Make rc surface to 200′, commercial uav 200′-400′; and leave ga 400 and above. This is an unwarranted restriction, safety is not an issue, this appears to financially driven with the guise of safety

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Jeff (musi*@*

I have had anxiety my entire life. Medication was tried here and there throughout my youth (Ritalin, Prozac, etc). Nothing really brought me calm and focus until I discovered my musical abilities in my teens

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Stian Simonsen (stia*@*

From a young age, flying and building rc aircraft gave me interest in mechanics, electronics and engineering, thus resulting in me getting an education as an electronics engineer. It also gave me the opportunity to

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Ryan Morancy (ryan*@*

To me flying is about letting go and forgetting about my troubles of the day. When I put my goggles on my cares melt away. I’ve never hurt anyone or harmed anything, intact I’ve always

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Jeffrey Thompson (xb70*@*

I’ve been a lifelong hobbyist. One of the great joys of my life is to fly remote control airplanes. Its everthing I look forward to and I believe there are thousands of people that share

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You cannot legislate morality or stop people from doing stupid things. A criminal will never register his “tools” and never disclose his intentions. NO matter how much you regulate anything. I may be a cynic,

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Gaston Nogues (gast*@*

Flying is a way for me to connect with my world and to clear my mind completely. The moment my feet leave the ground, wether I’m on my paraglider or in my goggles is something

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I have always loved flight and anything concerning flight. Cant afford to be full fledged pilot so the model aviation hobby is a close second for me. Let’s me unwind and destress. Enjoy my time

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Sean Colleary (sean*@*

I am just getting into the hobby I’ve always wanted to do this financially scratch bills are the best thing for me but if I have to add require technology to track myself I would

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Corey Freuen (cfre*@*

I have loved aviation my entire life, and have been flying models since my childhood. I taught at a STEM school, and helped over 70 kids successfully build and fly scratch airplanes, my two sons

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