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Scott (moti*@*aol.com)

I fly my DJI Inspire 1 Drone over farm land and there are no people or buildings that I fly over. Internet, Wifi and Cell towers are not very easy to access as they are

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Don Athon (papa*@*hoo.com)

Started with U-Control in grammar school. Began building kits in Junior High and continued into High School and dreamt of the day I could afford RC. The excitement of flight and learning the physics that

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Sheldon (shel*@*hoo.com)

Flying fpv multi rotors is one of the most enjoyable, and captivating things I’ve had the opportunity to experience in my adult life. I see it as no more of a risk to public safety

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my father was a tailseat gunner in wwll in the pacific…he was awarded several medals at places like midway island and the battle of the coral sea…he and my brothers taught me how to build

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Ryan Unger (ryan*@*int.org)

I was just talking to a friend who said he would have loved to get into model airplanes as a kid but it was too expensive. I’m afraid this would be the story for many

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I am NOT a DRONE flyer. I have been an AMA member for decades. My successful aerospace and marine engineering career was based on my involvement in flying fixed wing models from the age of

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Carlos Ventus (carl*@*ail.com)

I have a military background and was a crew chief on C-130, H-53, WC-135 and many other aircraft. Flying drones has given me a way to express myself wit the freedom of flight but more

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Talan Harrison (tala*@*ail.com)

Hello, I’ve been building model aircraft for many years and FPV drones for the past 5 or so. It”s the best hobby I could ask for. Having the ability to build and fly model aircraft

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