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Alan Sinclair (wiza*@*ast.net)

I have been building model aircraft for over 55 years. My father and I spent many hours crafting and flying models and it was a major part of our lives. Model aviation was my stepping

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For me flying is not only a way to have fun in a safe way, it is also a great window into education. I have learned so many useful skills through model aircrafts and without

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Brian White (bria*@*ensu.ca)

My name is Brian White, I have a BA and MA in Psychology, and a PhD in Neuroscience, and I have been working at Queen’s University for about 15 years. Flying FPV is a huge

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John Howard (buff*@*ail.com)

I am a Firm believer that if you are an AMA or MAAC member then you should be exempt from the regulations as I believe the FAA has not had any problems with pilots that

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Bryan Alford (bjal*@*hoo.com)

Flying is my outlet. It is as much for my mental health as it is for relaxing and just unwinding after a hard day. Restricting the flying areas, requiring the Remote ID would make it

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Bart man (barc*@*hoo.com)

Flying radio control models is something I’ve done since I was 15 (1983) and it was part of what contributed to my Mechanical Engineering degree and my pilot career with a major airline. Along the

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Mochaboy RC (xphl*@*hoo.com)

Flying drones is just one aspect of the hobby that is the culmination of a host of other related and complimentary skills. Each of those skills, whether it’s programming, fabrication, electronics, or assembly all work

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Tom C (tomc*@*ail.com)

I think an online knowledge test is a good idea. You should need to carry a license that shows you know what you’re doing but this whole idea of remote I’d is absurd. I feel

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David Jester (jest*@*ail.com)

There are very few safty problems with the hobby the way it is and has been for a long time why mess with something that’s not broken. There is no good to come of what

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