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Chad Piazzo (chad*@*

I’ve been building and flying model aircraft for 35 years and have never had any issues, especially the issues brought up by the FAA in the last couple years. It’s just another infringement on our

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Cyrus Phillips (barn*@*

Flying has always been a part of my life – I went to flight school, majored in aviation technology, and learned to fly full size aircraft at age 17. I have a basement full of

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Alan Sinclair (wiza*@*

I have been building model aircraft for over 55 years. My father and I spent many hours crafting and flying models and it was a major part of our lives. Model aviation was my stepping

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For me flying is not only a way to have fun in a safe way, it is also a great window into education. I have learned so many useful skills through model aircrafts and without

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Brian White (bria*@*

My name is Brian White, I have a BA and MA in Psychology, and a PhD in Neuroscience, and I have been working at Queen’s University for about 15 years. Flying FPV is a huge

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John Howard (buff*@*

I am a Firm believer that if you are an AMA or MAAC member then you should be exempt from the regulations as I believe the FAA has not had any problems with pilots that

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Bryan Alford (bjal*@*

Flying is my outlet. It is as much for my mental health as it is for relaxing and just unwinding after a hard day. Restricting the flying areas, requiring the Remote ID would make it

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Bart man (barc*@*

Flying radio control models is something I’ve done since I was 15 (1983) and it was part of what contributed to my Mechanical Engineering degree and my pilot career with a major airline. Along the

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Mochaboy RC (xphl*@*

Flying drones is just one aspect of the hobby that is the culmination of a host of other related and complimentary skills. Each of those skills, whether it’s programming, fabrication, electronics, or assembly all work

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Tom C (tomc*@*

I think an online knowledge test is a good idea. You should need to carry a license that shows you know what you’re doing but this whole idea of remote I’d is absurd. I feel

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