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Martin Glaze (avia*@*hoo.com)

I’m a commercial Pilot, multi engine rating, flight instructor, and advanced ground instructor. I fly RC powered a/c gas and elect. and sail planes. I feel FPV should be regulated for drones, fixed wing and

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Being introduced to remote aircraft is one of the key reasons I chose to pursue engineering. At university most of my design work was done in the context of scratch-built model aircraft. The proposed restrictions

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MIKE PITTSLEY (mp19*@*ast.net)

I got into this hobby because it was inexpensive and a chance to have a little bit of fun. Leave it to the government to either charge it or take it away completely. LEAVE IT

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I am retired and enjoy building aircraft. The new regulations will restrict the hobby to the wealthy or politically connected.

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Flying planes and drones is a passion and hobby. I have flown for many years without incident or harm to anyone else. I see no reason why a regulation should be placed which would jeopardize

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My family discovered model aviation in 2014, when my then seven year old son received a toy-grade remote control helicopter as a Christmas gift. As a father with no prior experience with RC model aircraft,

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Bill Queen (bill*@*ain.com)

The flying of my aircraft in a safe manner, is only one part of the rc model hobby. The educational benefits are immense. I do agree that amateur rc pilots should operate safely and away

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Michael Worth (k9ns*@*oud.com)

Flying helped me to recover from a very serious, life-altering injury. And it remains an outlet for good, clean fun. It offers opportunities to teach teens STEM, and that’s good public outreach for clubs –

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Shaun Heilman (shau*@*one.com)

This will ruin my entire life and everything l created would be for nothing I own a brick and mortar drone store in Las Vegas and I help out kids everyday teach them how to

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Jack Hamilton (Scor*@*ail.com)

Aeromodelling has been in existence longer than full scale aircraft construction itself, some 120 years. The Wright brothers and their contemporaries certainly built and flew models before they attempted manned flight. The quest for flight

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Christopher D (kris*@*ail.com)

I love foam model flying, quad or multirotor and light park flyers and occasionally help a farmer track land. These restrictions are getting ridiculous. If i have to comply with what all is proposed i

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