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I’ve been flying models since l was 8 with my father. I fly with my daughters (8 and 10) now. These regulations would devastate the hobby, generate hostility towards the FAA and government, and cause

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flying gives me a sense of freedom and exhilaration that no other hobby has ever produced. on top of that, I really enjoy building my own aircraft knowing each component was hand selected by me.

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Lance v.V. (lanc*@*

I had been flying planes for about 2 years before I started fpv a few years back on an ultralight fpv drone. I was hooked after that. I saved for months to buy my first

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I fly quadcopters simply because I in no way can afford real flight. Fpv gives me a way to experience actual flight in a way that is affordable with very low consequences to others if

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Sam S. (sj.s*@*

RC aircraft was a huge part of my journey to beginning an Engineer abdv something I enjoy with my kids now. The FAAs proposal will destroy fixed wing RC as we know it.

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Chris NORRIS (chri*@*

I have been flying and building model aircraft for 30 plus years. I have always been fascinated with building something from scratch and then being able to fly it. Its a joy that nothing else

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Arron Breiland (arro*@*

I built my first balsa trainer ( skyward 40) when I was a teenager. Building that inspired me to get into aviation as a career, and I am now an licensed AME ( aircraft maintenance

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