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I am concerned about two of the proposed rules. Restricting flying sites and being required to use a Remote ID system. I fly mostly from my property and local sports fields when not in use.

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I’ve been racing in an AMA club for 2 years, even though I’m not a paying AMA member. Races are only once a week so to practice I fly at soccer fields, and have gotten

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Shane Felton (skee*@*ail.com)

About 10 years ago I had a triple spine fusion surgery, this led to me having to give up all of my hobbies, snowboarding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking and golf. I was in a very

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Wayne Turner (wayn*@*ail.com)

Nothing is more relaxing to me than designing, testing, and improving a simple foam board aircraft, it genuinely adds to my enjoyment of life. I have always been fascinated by the RC hobby in all

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I currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas and and most of the flying fields, that I have found, are either gone or on private property. The nearest flying field is about 20 miles away and

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I fly line of sight and follow ama guidelines. This means when at a park I do fly over people and land while manned aircraft is in the vicinity of where I am flying until

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