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Dan (kb8p*@*ail.com)

RC Models became a hobby for me after retirement. I have very few places i can fly in my area and any further restrictions would reduce my ability to fly to near zero. Proposed rules

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Scott Ishmael (dodg*@*ail.com)

Its supposed to be a fun and educational hobby to be enjoyed by all, not just the people who decide to follow all the rules and regulations. Rules and regs wont stop dumb people from

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As a student, I always wanted to know how planes fly. Looking at equations is one way to understand it, but actually building a plane and troubleshooting why it’s not flying well gave me a

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Fliegen ist ein großes Hobby und würde dadurch sehr stark eingeschränkt werden. Man kann nicht einfach mehr raus gehen und fliegen sonder muss sich erst mit Hunderten Regel und Paragrafen durchschlagen bevor man weiß ob

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Brent Hoover (bren*@*ail.com)

There is nothing in this world that gives you the same feeling of pure freedom that you experience when flying fpv with a quadcopter you spent hours building and saved up the money to purchase

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Keegan Sponholz (keeg*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying models for 10 years, and full scale airplanes for the past 5. I have never been involved in something where everyone has such an intense passion for their hobby and the people

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Edgar K (crym*@*ail.com)

Flying for me and my kids is one of the best hobbies. We spend a lot of time learning about drones, electronics and general. We are from Norway, but if heavy regulations starts in America,

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i just dont get it like when u play with a rc toy (car,boat,fpv drone, etc…) its like we are gangsters… but we dont do harm and okay i understand there are some cowboys doing

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Blake Scott (Blak*@*ail.com)

My grandfather took me to the monthly aviation fly-in breakfast every moth as a kid. He was not a pilot but he knew I liked airplanes. I like to think he did too. Ever since

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