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Brandon Bentley (bran*@*

The low cost to enter into the hobby of RC flight is what gives ground-based RC Hobbyists the courage to learn how to fly. Costly entry to flying would have discouraged me, especially not knowing

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Oran (oran*@*

I love flying. I am an airline pilot and FPV pilot. Being able to fly freely and the feeling of being airborne is an important part of my life. That’s why I am into FPV.

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Malin Hiles (mali*@*

I often consider the amount of time, effort, and care that humans put into doing things that they love. I lump those three ideas under an umbrella term, “Life Currency.” Life Currency is different from

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it’s the enjoyment and fun especially putting one together from scratch and flying it for the first time. I’ve been maintaining airplanes for several years and this is the closest i get to flying

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Vern Starr (vern*@*

I’ve been flying since October 2014. At first I only flew prebuilt palm sized toy-grade drones, but as I got deeper into it I started building my own from scratch and now own a large

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Luke (flav*@*

It is my passion. I love building, designing, and flying. I honestly couldn’t imagine where I would be without it. Most of the fields/ activities that I spend my time on have come directly from

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Tweak Racer (rich*@*

I make my living working for an FPV drone company that will be wiped out by the new regulations. I am an AMA club board member, run FPV races, and teach people to fly FPV.

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Aalderd Bouwman (info*@*

To cool down of my daily workload. Play with my kids in the field with selfbuild stuff. Electricity and engineering are my hobby and I love my builds to hear screaming through the sky. I

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