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2020-02-18 16:32:00
“My son (now 20) introduced me to scratch building. It was a “re-introduction” to model aviation for me… something wasveryshort lived when I was a child. Chris excitedly told me about this cool you-tube site where they were making and flying model planes. Recalling my experience, I sadly said, “they don’t work, they crash and they are expensive…” I could not have been more wrong. Building (and designing) airplanes with inexpensive electric motors out of foam-core has been a remarkable experience for me and my family. We have explored, learned, and played together (and still do). To go to the local park, and take our small creations and float around as the sun is setting is a freeing experience. My boys and I are all dyslexic. Sometimes we feel like we can not succeed in a world that measures success with a letter grade. Experimenting and building “things that fly” has provided the opportunity for us to succeed. We would often hear- “you built that?” “how” from parents and kids. We rarely returned home with a plane that would still fly, but we always have smiles, and frequently ideas about how to make it better… We are sharing that with other kids with learning differences. (BTW, I understand that NASA hires many folks with dyslexia – wonder why…) Safety is important. We always fly safely. If there are people around and they are near where we are flying we stop and wait for them to clear the area (most often they com over to watch) We do not fly high, well below the 400′ ceiling, and always line of sight. We are not carrying explosive payloads and flying the 30 miles to Washington DC. We are flying foam planes… We follow the rules. We are not far from BWI airport and we are aware of and follow the airspace restrictions and regulations. I am an AMA member, I joined to support the hobby and to get the insurance coverage. We have visited flying fields. I have been welcomed (potential dues payer) but the small foam aircraft is not. Typically, I think they find it humorous. Theirs is a world of high investment and stress… they do not laugh when they crash. Flying fields are not an option for me. Thank you for providing the opportunity to have some input.”