, LaGrange

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-18 14:41:37
“I have been flying R/C Planes and free flight since I was 9 years old. From then every time I drove past a field that looked big I wondered if I could get a plane out there . I have pretty much built all my planes from kit or plans over the last 35 years . My kids even got involved in this when they started to show interest. Sanding parts and gluing joints and even putting there own planes together. I can’t even begin to think how this new FRIA is going to crush our Hobby. I can’t even think to call it a hobby. To so many people hobby isn’t a strong enough word. I would call it lifestyle or even love. Many of us it is part of out brain that is hard wired to think RC plane etc. Anyone can walk around at an RC field and with some people there and talk RC plane all day, with someone you have never even met. I spent hours talking to people this past spring walking around Joe Nall and I didn’t bring one model to fly. It seems that the people I’m hearing from are saying in the nicest way the FAA just didn’t understand what it is so many of us do, and something must be done about these model flyers. However where is the research that can list all of the accidents and injuries from all these models flying in the skies. It seems that this was written to pretty much eliminate the hobby of model aircraft under the guise of safety. It also is disheartening that this burden of tracking a model flyer that is just flying in an open field and not bothering anybody has to comply with something like this. The lawmakers and writers know that this will not stop one person that actually wants to do harm. This is to clear the airspace for firms and corporations with BIG money and lobbyist . I’m sure many of us are hoping for the best and that something reasonable comes from this. I do not live close to a sanctioned field and there isn’t one close to me. These places change all the time and the law as written is designed for them to all go away in short order. Wow. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. George Mills”