, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-18 14:50:47
“I had the pleasure of growing up in the hobby. My dad started years before I was born, heck I was in the womb going to the field. I was helping my dad build his balsa wood nitro powered planes and helping him at the field as I grew up. Around age 10 I had an interest in learning to fly r/c. At age 13 I soloed under my dad’s instruction. Once I soloed my dad and I would spend Friday evenings at the local AMA field flying together. My fondest memories with my dad are building and flying r/c together. Fast forward through college and marriage, now I’m raising a 3rd generation of r/c pilots. My 7 year is showing interest in learning to fly r/c planes now. We’re building foam planes together, buddy boxing on a Night Vapor in the yard, going to our AMA club which is sponsored by the local town. My most fondest memory of r/c was from about five years ago. I fly warbirds in memory of the men and women who served this great nation. At a local R/C Warbird event I finished flying my GWS C-47 (foam model of 48″ wingspan) when an older gentleman stopped me. He mentioned some things not looking right with the plane proportionally. He would say a few words, be quiet for a while, then say more about the plane. He proceeded to tell me how he jumped out of C-47s before the transition to the C-119 in Korea. He told me how he lost buddies hitting the tail of the C-47, at which he got super emotional. Once he recovered his composure he thanked me for flying the model and bringing back all the memories. I told him that it was I who was thankful for his service and I fly warbirds for this reason: to honor the men and women like him.”