, Atascadero

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-18 14:30:06
“I am Matthew Guise, an engineer in Paso Robles California. I went to the California Polytechnic State University and studied mechanical engineering and have had an affinity for mechanical and electrical systems with everyday uses so when I found the hobby of first person drone racing and flying I was naturally very excited. I dove into the hobby quickly and deeply and started to design and 3D print my own drone frames and then I would buy the various electronics and motors to build my own 5 inch (400 gram) racing drone. Even though I studied engineering at one of the best engineering colleges in the nation this new hobby taught me a lot about electronics and mechanical controls a long with some aerospace engineering. It gave me valuable hands on experience that I can even use for work. Currently, I have built 4 drones for myself and I have made countless modifications and fixes to all of them. I have never flow any of my drones at a FRIA and most likely never will. There are a few places I normally fly and one of them is on my property at my house. I am lucky enough to own 1 acre of property and I usually fly there around my trees and a race course I set up on the weekends or after work when there is enough light. Furthermore, a few days a week during my lunch break I go to one of 3 different public parks or the dry riverbed in Paso Robles to fly my drone. It is a nice way to alleviate stress and anxiety I have and break up my day so I can be productive at work. These places are not designated flying fields nor would they be available to be made into FRIAs. I go to the parks and fly through and around the trees and around light poles and other features. I don’t go higher than 50 feet over the highest vertical feature in the area. I’m flying in areas where no airplane or helicopter or commercial drone for that matter would be. This can be done very safely and responsibly and the times I get to fly are definitely highlights of my day.”