, Eden Prairie

, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-18 13:12:12
“I am a middle aged adult. I have eyed hobby RC for many years but was put off by the cost (perceived and actual). I just got into RC in 2019 because I decided to jump in and discovered some lower cost options (FliteTest foam board and electric EPO/EPP foam airplanes) and realized the barrier to entry may be lower than I had thought. Having recently entered the hobby I have had a wonderful time and have enjoyed sharing the experience with my three children as well. We go to the local park and I can fly in the soccer field and adjacent wetlands without impacting others. They participate with me and I have had fun positive interactions with my neighbors as they spectate. It’s quickly become a major part of my recreational time when the weather and circumstances allow. I’m very nervous about the upcoming changes. I have a busy life, work, family and other obligations. As already mentioned I’m cost aware/sensitive and of course my time is valuable as well. All I really see are the added barriers that this regulation will add on something that I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit. For me at least I would need to get a cell data plan, CBO membership, Flight field membership, USS subscription and have to come up with a way to add the extra hour plus out of my day simply getting to a nearby FRIA if that is required to operate. That’s easily more per year than I’ve actually currently spent on the hobby entirely. Barring crashes or additions to my fleet I could continue under the current structure only paying for minor consumables indefinitely. In a lot of ways if that’s the future I actually regret getting into this hobby because I can already see it potentially changing in ways that impact me quite negatively and can realistically say that it may push me out since I’m not entirely sure I’m willing to bear all those added costs.”