, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-23 20:54:00
“I’ve enjoyed the RC hobby since I could work the controls, and aircraft especially have been a great source of joy. However, I’ve only recently sunk my head into the world of FPV flying and it has since become a centerpiece of my life. Around a year ago, my uncle gave me a semi-cheap toy FPV drone as a Christmas gift, and I was instantly hooked. Since then I’ve spent countless hours in simulators to improve my piloting skill and invested a lot of time and money into acquiring, building, and configuring the gear I use to fly outdoors. I am seriously considering ways to turn this hobby into a career, but the laws as proposed present massive risks to that. They seem counter productive to people who fly these things everyday. It hurts my head to think about the severe restrictions being proposed for an activity that is so uniquely about freedom. Even going as far as to mandate air “traffic” on personal property, my own front yard! I’m not sure what my future is without FPV in it, but I hope to God that these rules are significantly rewritten. Why not a simple, low power, low band AM or FM radio beacon, strong enough to be received on an ordinary car stereo or similar receiver from a couple hundred feet or so, that beeps out a Morse code or synthesized text signal with a “plate number” of some kind for craft over some weight limit (250g)?. This would require waaaaaaaaaay less infrastructure and resources to implement, and would be marginally more involved than running a car plate number. No extra tools required for law enforcement to lug around, unless you specifically wanted a directional AM/FM receiver at an airport or something. I want there to be some sort of accountability, though. I understand the need to at least identify these craft when necessary. The proposed method is utterly impractical, especially for some of the safest places to fly; the middle of friggin’ nowhere. There are so many better ways to deal with this issue. In summary, FPV, and the joy I get from working on and flying these aircraft, is my Pursuit of Happiness. It is an expression of my Liberty to choose where I go. FPV is my Life. The rules as proposed threaten all of that.”