, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-23 20:44:29
“Flying Rc aicraft both fixed wing and multirotor on my personal property has been both a relaxing and rewarding hobby of mine for over 2 decades. I have shared the hobby with many interested children and adults alike. Safety always has been an importance, and many recreational pilots are the most careful and curteous folk I have met. While there is concern for more safety, a financial burden of added equipent , fees for services and fees for joining a flying club ( distance to travel to a club somewhere would also be excessive) as no clubs are in our rural area, would serverly affect myself and other local hobbist in my area. I hope there is some kind of APP, maybe LANNC ? that could be used that could keep the hobby alive without grounding alot of our RC aircraft. I beilieve most peope are good and want to fly legal and do what is right. Let us fly responsibly at home. Here in the country we have acres and acres of farmland.”