, Australia

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2020-02-23 20:44:44
“I have learned so much during my 3 years in the hobby, have been able to share my skills/knowledge with my children, have managed to tie it into my professional life through paid work, have made new friends and connections – and not once, have I had a dangerous situation or altercation with any other member of the public because of my flying. If anything, it has been quite the opposite with other members of the public actively approaching me with excitement and curiosity. These regulations will kill this hobby – taking all of the benefits of innovation and information/knowledge sharing with it. It is just another sign that those who we have chosen to regulate, are unfit for their positions. I feel this is a cash grab at locking down the sub-400ft airspace for the corporate sector, who have their eyes on this space for their own profit making. If people dislike drones now (due to sensational media), theyre going to lose their minds when Amazon and Google (wing) are buzzing overhead 24/7.”