, South Dakota

, United States

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2020-02-24 23:14:12
“I live a largely nomadic life & am frequently in very rural locations. I am studying to attain Part 107 certification so I am finally able to fly for hire. I plan to primarily capture real estate aerial shots. It is a great joy to fly & I become a better pilot every time my craft is airborne. If FAA deems such regulations must affect all qualifying craft by default, I would suggest that such aircraft owned by those who hold Part 107 certification (or similar qualifications) are exempt from such regulations. This would further encourage responsible pilot training & career development. Similarly, FAA could impose very few regulations on aircraft flying below 40 feet AGL & require device ID for craft flying between 40-400 feet AGL. Some regulation is needed. The question remains how much. Congress should really be involved in regulations as significant as these.”
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