, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-24 23:04:23
“I have been through various struggles and challenges throughout my lifetime, as I am sure most of us have. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease many years ago. The disease has been hard and very debilitating at times. It has a daily effect on my life and has created many challenges, that at times I felt were too much to handle. Since I have started building and educating myself on drones and flight I have given myself new wings….Literally. I am a college graduate and in a good career, but something was missing. Many things actually and flight has given me new hopes, desires and a new way to deal with my day to day struggles. Drones can be complex and it has given me better things to focus on, rather then the struggles of my disease. I have learned to engineer, build, program and troubleshoot UAS craft, but the learning didn’t stop there. I have also learned photography, video editing and brushed up on my electronic and soldering skills that I learned in college. It has ignited new goals and focus in my life and that is just a small portion of how flying has effected me in a positive manner. I fly FPV and that in itself has proven to be a positive form of meditation for me. I get lost when I fly…That is all I focus on…The negative of my disease goes away and I get to see and explore the world in a new way. It is a shared focus and desire that I see from many within the community I am a part of. Because of this, I have concerns over the new proposed regulations. The new regulations will no longer allow me to build future crafts and projects that I desire to explore. It won’t allow me to fly safely in un-populated environments and even capture moments at an empty park of shared time with my family capturing memories we want to make. I am part of a community where I have seen major strides in development of technology around FPV drones and making them more reliable and safer all from people like myself and in the industry that are passionate about this hobby and technology. I know that drones are growing in popularity…driving urgency, but if we could collaborate and invest some brief time to make this technology safer, I think it will benefit our nation and society far greater then inhibiting such a powerful and personal wellness tool that is at our disposal.”