Seattleite FPV

, Seattle

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 0:05:08
“I have been in the RC modeling hobby for almost 10 years. I started flying miniature remote controlled helicopters, then advanced to progressively bigger helicopters as I developed my skills, and finally quadcopters as they started becoming more popular around 7 years ago. I have been flying both alone as well as with other people, as often as possible — sometimes several times per week. Most of the places that I have been flying at have been outdoors, natural, isolated places that are generally devoid of people but nevertheless showcase raw natural beauty in all of my videos. Along the way I made great friends from whom I humbly learned how to build models, how the underlying electronics worked, and how to continuously optimize the models’ designs for safety, efficiency, speed, stability, reliability. When my middle-school child showed curiosity on this topic, after seeing her dad spend hours tinkering in the garage, I had the opportunity to spend invaluable quality time with her passing on some of the knowledge that I had gathered. I could show her how building things that fly was wonderful. I could help her mind open to STEM and imagine an exciting future that she would one day have a chance to directly contribute to. This hobby has made my life better, and helped my children develop an interest in, and see the potential of STEM. I would like to continue to be able to practice it.”