, Canada

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2020-02-21 22:45:07
“in the late 80’s , i suffered an injury causing restrictions in sports and other hobbies. by chance i found we had a locale rc flying field and was welcomed by the club members, was taught to fly, operate, repair and service model aircraft. first rule is always safety – period ! what the hobby has done for me personally , it pulled me out of a depression and has introduced to some good people. for the last 8 yrs i have flown first person view aircrafts (FPV) , all i can say is “Freedom ” you need to try this ! please try this and you may understand why people are confused and scared to see heavy legislation and government getting involved. 99% or more of us are doing this safely. these days i build all my models from scratch and i would not be able to comply with the proposed rules. i pay my taxes, i contribute to society and i try to follow the rules. i don’t wont to be a 1%’er so lets try to work this out please. thank you”