Alan "XiledFPV"


, columbus

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 22:25:17
“I have been flying, FPV, for over 3 years now. in those 3 years i have not once considered the way i fly unsafe. i go out of my way to fly in the safest way possible. Granted i fly mostly ultra-light weight, under 100g, quads. these new regulations would make it impossible for me to fly any of my quads. they are so compact that there just isn’t room for more components. Also i understand the want for more safety but a blanket policy doesn’t work for this hobby. These regulations need to be limited to larger, commercial use aircraft. those are the aircraft that would pose the biggest safety risk. if you aircraft is under the current 250g limit and it is flown in a safe manner then the risk is minimal. yes i understand that people dont always fly safely, but the majority of us do. I dont want to have to travel large distances just to fly. As it stands there are NO model airfields in my area. the closest one would be over 2 hours away. so these new regulations would render this hobby obsolete for most of the recreational pilots. This hobby is a way for me to escape the stress of my normal day. Not being able to fly would be like losing a limb at this point. So please sit down and really look at what is being proposed. You want to be able to track the larger or commercial use aircraft fine but please let the rest of that use this hobby, as a way to meet new people, relax, and just have fun, continue to enjoy flying the way we have for years. It would be a shame to let big businesses kill such a great hobby.”