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2020-02-21 22:31:04
“It is somewhat confusing to do this survey, but its in the nature of these proposed laws to be confusing, there is so much overlap. at present I fly several smaller drones (off the shelf under 60$ range), I also looked at making some from scratch, but with the drone market booming, and prices dropping I started looking at dji level drones (autonomous), and then, just when I was about to take the plunge, the changes started happening, I found I would now have to 1 register ALL my drones (not just me) 2 actually go to a class, pay and pass a test, you don’t even have to do that to fly an ultralight 3 and if those weren’t costly enough, out came remote id, as pointed out is the flitetest video, A-small systems could never carry the additional components, B-even if they could I for one could never afford it, remote id looks like being a bigger, more costly deal than getting drivers license. and all this, not even to be a one system to set up, but to be installed on every drone over 250g. Currently my main drone is a syma x8c, although a ‘largish’ drone, can bearly carry a gopro, can only fly a few hundred feet los. I think the real danger is from people who aren’t going to comply anyway, out of ignorance, or malicious intent, no matter what rules get passed. I fully approve the idea of operator accountability to a certain extent, but the proposed requirements as they stand are overkill and brod-brushing to a high degree. I wouldn’t mind signing into a official app giving my username and location, but even that is just me, some folks I know don’t have a smartphone (albeit, they’re a minority). I will close my comment with the restatement that, accountability is a good idea, but the people who really cause problems, wont play by the rules, no matter how strict.”