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2020-02-21 22:24:11
“My grandpa was huge into free flight in the early 50’s.. He had all kinds of trophies and set some records in the club. He made all his planes from scratch. And that was passed on to his sons and they got my dad involved. Before i was born he built a Wanderer 99. beautiful glider. i remember it sat in a shelf for years. Of course me and my brother got involved with aircraft. building rubber powered stuff like the guillows kits then moving on to RC. My first RC airplane was the “Great Planes Spirit 2m” glider took me months to build and i still have it. I love aircraft. i have a basement full of planes i’ve built. I fly almost all of them. a few mean alot to me like my spirit and wanna keep them as shelf queens. i mostly fly gliders at the piont of the mountain. its our local slope soaring hill. I fly park fliers at the local parks. No harm to anyone. I actually get asked alot of questions about it, where i got, it how can i learn. I really think this ID thing should be limited to aircraft like long range FPV and drones that fly with gps. i fly line of site and never take it over very far you just cant see it. i honesty will probably stop flying if it goes into effect. IT WILL ABSOLUTELY RUIN THE HOBBY. most commercial pilots start out with RC, there will be a drop in commercial pilots.. SINCERELY CONCERNED HOBBYIST …”