, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:41:43
“Criminals can be punished when they break existing laws. This remote ID stuff is putting the cart before the horse and will not stop criminals from criminal behavior – no – it is only stifling people who have been trying to do the right thing from the beginning and placing an undue burden on the wrong people. This will force me out of the sky over my own rural property while criminals will continue to break the law. The FAA seems beholden to special interests like Amazon, Google and Microsoft and really do not care about general aviation safety. Just look at the Kobe Bryant related helicopter crash – The NTSB had recommended terrain avoidance equipment for ALL helicopters years ago, but the FAA bent to special interests and did not enforce that rule… Manned General Aviation has had an abysmal safety record for a very long time – long before “drones” came along – and the FAA has left a great number of issues unresolved because it’s the wealthiest individuals who those safety regulations would burden the most. The people most likely to own a small plane are rich… I see this as forcing the little guy out of the couple of hundred feet above private property so Amazon and google drones can fly there. It forces all of us to already overcrowded clubs where the guys with the big gassers flying boring patterns will be the priority – as long as those clubs last… Once those clubs shut down after people refuse to join, they cannot be replaced due to the FAA proposed rules… No new clubs means a war of attrition against the common man while Amazon and Google and multi-billion dollar companies win – who will be getting the resulting corporate kickbacks??? The political appointees in the DOT and FAA…”