, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:33:28
“This is an integral technology for the future. If it is regulated in this way it will put the entirety of the future in the hands of the few, slowing innovation and making the US fall far behind our allies, partners, and enemies across the globe. My intention with flying started as a hobby but it quickly became apparent that a massive need for inexpensive innovation in the search and rescue field is necessary to save lives in my state of Oregon. Long-range, highly adaptive, cheap and highly adaptive semi-autonomous or GPS guided flight will save lives and keep rescuers from undue harm or hazard. If the proposed legislation carries forward my ability to test and develop these solutions in my spare time will be destroyed as will the countless other boot-strapping American innovators working on similarly complex and important free-sky enabled tech solutions. Do not pass this bill. It will stifle innovation and scientific and technological interest in those who have a drive and a need to create solutions and drive us forward as a country. As a citizen and a currently serving service member I cannot underline enough how incredibly important this issue is to me.”