, New Mexico

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:41:19
“I am a recretional pilot and am concerned as to the impact the proposed remote ID requirements would have on my hobby without any corrresponding benifits to those of us who fly “line of sight” and/or build model aircraft from plans or from scratch. The requirement for putting Individual, unique ID numbers on all my planes would be an undue burden both in cost and effort. I already have an FAA number and my AMA number on all my planes. The same can be said for the equipment needed to meet the remote ID requirements. Besides the administrative burden and extensive costs without any corresponding benifit, what distresses me the most is FAA’s requlations that lump all unmanned aircraft into the catagory of “drones.” There should be distinction made between drones (UMA’s cabable of flying autonomously) and traditional model aircraft (flown under the control of and within the line of sight of the pilot). The model airplane hobbyist does not need the level of bureaucracy proposed. Why does this matter to me? If the regulations go into effect as proposed, I might have to mourn the demise of a hobby that has been the pipeline for talent and innovation for the avaiation industry. Clark J. Huce, Albuquerque, NM”