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, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:38:57
“I am retired R.R.worker, and i think it is very important to keep Busy physically and mentally. Being involved in this hobby does that for me. It gets me out, It gets me to learn things and socialize. I am also a person in long-term recovery from alcohol. I have been sober for over 25 years. I think it’s very important to be able to have a hobby such as flying RC planes. We have kids from the Academy who come out to our Club and fly RC planes. Many of them could not afford to fly if the FAA implements all these rules. I really love watching kids Learning the skills of flying and building . This is a positive thing for the kids to learn. I really believe that it sparks their interest in electronics and building. I teach a relapse prevention Group for alcohol and drugs. I have taught them that in relapse prevention having a hobby is a great way to sobriety. I share some of this with you because I think it’s very important that this hobby can and does help people in recovery. I just love watching the kids Learning these skills. I see too many kids today with no interest of anything. I would much rather Watch the kids Learning these skills, instead of being out there killing themselves with drugs. If this hobby becomes harder to understand and more money, we will lose a lot of hobbyists that really love this hobby. I tell my clients there is fun and recovery. I know you’ve had a lot of people comment on this issue. There is so much more that goes with this hobby then what a lot of people realize. I just wanted to share this little bit about myself because I know there are similar stories out there like this. DAVE HILLS Fly Safe….”