, Sacramento

, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:13:21
“Flying Quadcopters is more or less an escape from reality. I fly several times a week after school or work at my near by park. I never fly if there are people enjoying the park because for one: no one wants to be hit by a brick, and two: the park is not mine to fly. Respecting others in a public area should be taught to new pilots which is why i am adamant for a RC/QuadCopter online safety test. I am not Fine with remote ID proposal made by the FAA as it would not only complicate the hobby but restrict it heavily to designated areas. California does not have many RC club airports so that alone would kill the hobby for me. Even if there were More Designated fly areas, I would not go to them because of the distance i would have to travel to get there. The hobby would die instantly for me.”