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2020-02-22 16:08:55
“Flight is a dream and always will be. The only way to make it a reality is to start with an understanding. This “hobby” is how we educate everyone interested, with a very real hands on dive into that understanding. By heavily regulating something that hasn’t really been a big issue, just further distances our youth and ourselves from that initial growth. Should there be something in place to prevent all activity near airports yes… But there’s already regulations for that, so if there is still an issue than adding more regulation won’t fix it. Regulations only govern those with a conscious and a fear of reprisal. Honestly one way to possibly prevent accidents, (which should be the driving force for new regulation) would be to just create an age restriction like driving a car and a altitude restriction that goes with it. Have an online test discussing current regulations. For beginners they can only operate while accompanied by an adult that has passed the test. Then when they become of certain age they get their own permit. Probably 18 so they are legally liable for anything they disregard.”