, San antonio

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:12:55
“My reasons are simple, self satisfying and personal. However, You need to be looking at the big big picture. Think about every pilot you know. They all got their start as a child, tossing chuck gliders and dreaming about flight. Then moving up to rc planes. Then getting seat time in the real thing. This will effect aviation as a whole if you kill this hobby and our kids can’t fly at a young age. You struggle get pilots now as it is. Wait ten years from now after these regulations have been in effect. What will the pilot shortage look like then? I love this hobby, I’ll fly rc the rest of my life if possible. My son, daughter, and i have shared many fun afternoons flying in the backyard. I hope that you won’t destroy a simple hobby that has been around almost as long as aviation itself. Having accumulated 30 aircraft over many years in the hobby, the idea of retrofitting them all with more electronics is cost prohibitive.”