, Chino Hills

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 16:09:11
“Flying has changed my life. As many people I have met since starting this hobby 4 years ago. Took me a year to start building my own aircraft and I’ve become so art arched since. My education and knowledge has never been higher. Passion fuels everything you do. Drones and FPV have allowed me to start my own business twice! Aerial photography was always something that interested me. Flying FPV gave me that chance. I could record flights and not spend 4 thousand dollars on a DJI rig. It made me want to gain correct knowledge to pass the Part 107 and become a commercial pilot. This hobby is growing by the day, the regulations that are proposed will cripple the industry that is successful. Yes regulations need to be in effect but at least make sure they are for the better.”