, chesterfield

, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:11:56
“I have just recently became financially capable of enjoying this hobby after years of standing on the sidelines with envy. I have invested money in equipment and invested time in getting educated in flying safely. I have also began teaching my two sons about the hobby and letting them get the feel of flying with a simulator. It would be difficult for me to afford monthly membership fees or data plans to go fly for a handful of hours each month. I am afraid that if we get restricted to flying at designated fields i will not have the time as there arent even any flying clubs in my area. I would have to travel around an hour one way to fly, pay fees to the club, and have some sort of remote id device connected to internet service. If the regulations go forward as they stand I’m sure that my sons and I will be forced to give up the hobby due to the affordability of legal flight. I am not against regulations but i think that they should be based on safety and also take into account the affect new regulations could have on people who can barely afford a hobby in the first place. Regulations should not discourage people from joining the hobby they should give them the comfort of doing the hobby safely. Thank you and I appreciate the chance to voice my opinion.”