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, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-23 3:56:03
“There is nothing in this world that gives you the same feeling of pure freedom that you experience when flying fpv with a quadcopter you spent hours building and saved up the money to purchase quality gear. There is not 1 single person in this entire world that has never thought to themselves” man, it sure would be awesome to have the ability to fly”. If you even try saying you’ve never dreamt of flying, I’m sorry but you’re a downright liar. Flying fpv gives you that feeling, that sensation, that overwhelming feeling of being free. We finally figured out a way to feel alive and free that doesn’t involve drugs or break a single law whatsoever and now ” the-so-called” land of the free, wants to take that away? It’s absolutely sickening to think of how much effort and resources are being dumped into “THE WAR ON HOBBY AIRCRAFT BUILT BY NORMAL EVERYDAY HARDWORKING AMERICANS” instead of actual problems that actually pose a threat to society. We literally have entire continents at this very moment (02-23-2020) melting and falling apart into the ocean at unprecedented rates and that’s okay but you’re worried about hobby un-manned backyard aircraft?! Unbelievable. Now i will say i do understand the proposal of additional rules and regulations due to the expansion of the commercial aspect of the unmanned aerial vehicle movement but it needs to stay exactly that, commercial rules and regulations.”