, Belgium

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2020-02-23 3:40:00
“i just dont get it like when u play with a rc toy (car,boat,fpv drone, etc…) its like we are gangsters… but we dont do harm and okay i understand there are some cowboys doing things u should not do but if 10 guys buy a motorcycle 3 of them is going to pull wheelies maybe… so why put them all 10 a fine? when only 3 guys did something stupid? i think those things are kinda stupid when u watch tv u see in the new drone’s drone’s drone’s… then u go to wallmart and u see drones… ppl dont know how to operate them and then crashes in someones backyard or something if we stop bringing it the media and stop selling them @those stores i think alot of the problems is already sloved then only ppl with dedication are going to stores local and on the web to buy them that wil improve alot i think + what are we going to do if we cant play outside with are toys anymore? everyone is complaining now that the kids those days dont come outside to play so instead of fucking everybody over maybe dont do that fight againts drugs are something idk but they should leave us alone we didnt do anything to harm someone”