, Durant

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 3:32:33
“My grandfather took me to the monthly aviation fly-in breakfast every moth as a kid. He was not a pilot but he knew I liked airplanes. I like to think he did too. Ever since I have been infatuated with airplanes both manned and unmanned. I have flow RC models for over 50 percent of my life. I love aircraft so much that it’s my job. I am a Commercial Multi rated pilot, working towards my Certified Flight Instructors certificate. I think that this would take a lot away from aviation. I would like to see how many people’s first interaction within aviation was related to some form of a model aircraft? That would be an interesting statistic I bet. I love seeing people’s enjoyment of flying scale models of planes or helicopters that have or will never fly, or they will never get the opportunity to fly. It’s a huge part of this hobby. It’s what keeps people interested and not annoyed. just imagine if someone didn’t understand aviation at all then they could possibly not like that noisy airport next to them or the planes that fly above them all the time. I believe Remote ID for a majority of aircraft is a step in the wrong direction. We will miss out on new opportunities and the ability to connect new people into something we very much love. My recommendation and vision for remote ID are as follows. the only people who need Remote ID are those operating within 5nm of Class D, C, or B airports; are flying without a visual line of sight on their aircraft, are flying above 400′ AGL, and/or flying at night. No matter the aircraft these are what should apply. Exemptions should be given to flying fields withing the 5nm range of acceptable airports. Why do I suggest these limitations for remote ID? Because you have to look at are going to be performing operations like this commercial part 107 operators. No matter what stringent policies you put on the community they are going to get broken. what is going to keep someone from flying after remote ID is established? That’s another thing is that all this seems like for hobbyists is another barrier, rather be it in terms of confusion, cost, or a hurtle no one wants to deal with to go fly their airplane for 20-30 minutes. Remote ID as it stands will destroy the RC aviation hobby entirely.”