, Canada

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2020-02-23 11:27:36
“I began flying as something to do with my boyfriend. I instantly fell in love with the freedom that flying gave me. My Grandfather was a pilot for the Canadian Government, but due to my eyes I would not pass an exam to be a pilot. This is the closest and cheapest way for me to be able to have a connection to him, he passed away 13 years ago. Even though this is the cheapest way for me to fly, it is not a cheap hobby. A simple 1 drone build with goggles and remote is at minimum $2000. We pay a lot for shipping, duties and import fees and so we tend to develop our own systems and ways to repair and make our drones fly. Also when filming a video it gives us the artistic ability. The hobby is very welcoming and inclusive. I fear that with the new proposed regulations you would be closing the door on many hobbyist, and taking away the chance for people to have somewhere to go and feel included. As well as peoples ability to be creative. Please reconsider the proposal. We have laws in Canada currently that work very well.”