, Mashpee

, Massachusetts

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 11:18:37
“I got into the hobby of flying fpv drones in 2016. I was always into the rc hobby since i was 10 years old im now currently 21. Its always been a part of my life even if i get out of it from time to time but i always went back to it. Flying fpv drones brought a new love and new form of adrenaline to my life. The feeling of being limitless and looking through a new perspective is something i dont want to live without and im sure im not the only one. When i put my fpv goggles on and start flying around, everything else around me goes away. my mind travels to another world where im free even tho its only a 3 minute flight. those three minutes are filled with nothing but joy and excitement. And when i crash well thats the fun part, fixing, improving my drone to be better and pushing myself to be better is all its about. I dont want to be limited of what i can do or where i can fly, i want to still be able to do the things i do and many others agree.”