, United Kingdom

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2020-02-23 11:18:57
“I am a life-long model aircraft builder, flyer and competitor based in the UK. I do not fly “drones” only traditional model aircraft but my objection applies to all hoobyist UAS. My primary concern is the FAA proposals for visitors that would require me to re-register and re-label models in order to fly in international competitions in the USA. I have passed the UK Civil Aviation Authority knowledge test, registered with the CAA as UAS operator and I am labeling all my models in accordance with the UK CAA regulations and British Model Flying Association rules for competition numbering. I note that for full-size manned aircraft, the FAA says “Foreign aircraft may fly in the U.S. if they have an airworthiness certificate equivalent to a U.S. standard airworthiness certificate” and does not require re-registration of visiting aircraft. Would it be acceptable for the FAA to recognise the official UK (or other foreign) certification and registration of model aircraft on the same reciprocal basis?”