, Buckhorn

, New Mexico

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 12:58:50
“I grew up flying R/C aircraft with my dad. We kit-built many airplanes and early-day helicopters. I also raced 1/10 scale cars (both on road and off road) while my family grew up (wife and three kids). We spent several weekends a month traveling together to different raceways. When my son got older he got into on road racing. Together we had a lot of fun and many “learning moments” as he honed his skills. My early involvement with both R/C aircraft and full size aircraft fueled my passion for aviation which lead me to joining the U.S. Army as a Helicopter Repairman. I served as a helicopter crewchief, fixed wing mechanic, aviation life support equipment technician, and NCOIC of Flight Operations during my career. I now have retired and live in a small rural town in southwest New Mexico. My wife and I fly a small quad-rotor drone and we are interested in flying R/C airplanes. The Flite Test family (You Tube channel) has convinced my wife that she too can learn to fly R/C. The nearest Club to us, the Silver City Cloud Busters, is over 50 miles away. I have been a responsible R/C aviator all my life and these FAA proposed changes will not keep bad people from doing bad things. (Just like gun control measures won’t keep bad people from committing their crimes.) I am opposed to further restrictions on my past time pleasures. Sincerely, Daryll Smith”