, Austin

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-23 12:52:11
“Building and flying multirotor aircraft has changed my life immensely for the better. After making some progress in the hobby I began to gain sense of freedom and confidence that I hadn’t ever felt and it helped me through a very rough patch in my life. Building and tuning multirotors also reignited a passion for electronics, engineering, mathematics and coding that I cultivated in my youth but had not pursued for many years. Restricting the use of recreational aircraft in the manner proposed will place an insurmountable bar for entry that would end the hobby entirely, restricting all possible newer generations of pilots from experiencing the educational and community building power of model aircraft. Please don’t take this away from us, be it in the name of “safety”, which is a non issue in the world of recreational multirotors, or corporate profits, either way these restrictions are unfounded and unreasonable. There must be a better way to safely regulate the airspace of the future which respects general safety as well as the privacy, liberty and dignity of all parties involved. The proposed legislation is not it.”