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2020-02-23 13:04:11
“My story begins with my Grandfather. He and my father sparked my interest in aviation. My Grandfather flew B-29’s in the 39th Bomber Group in WWII. His crew actually flew the weather mission for Nagasaki. I have been into aircraft from the time I can remember. I have pics of me when I was two or three years old holding my dad’s Top Flite, “Fite Streak” control line airplane he built from the kit. Back in 83′ my dad purchased and gave to me my first remote controlled airplane. I have been associated with the hobby ever since. I now have three large scale aircraft and truly enjoying the hobby. I currently serve as the Secretary/Treasurer for Permian Basin Model Aircraft Club, AMA#618. I would be devastated if the remote ID was put into place for hobbyist. I and many others have thousands if not more of our hard earned money invested into the hobby. I can see remote ID necessary for Commercial Drones that are flying autonomous. The hobby of Remote Control should not fall into that category, we have been self governed for more than 50 years with safety the number one priority. My current field actually has full scale pipeline inspector aircraft that fly over under the 1000′ ceiling. We are aware of the aircraft and avoid getting near them it is a symbiotic relationship. Most of the time they fly to either side of our club field which causes no interference. So my point is that most people in the hobby are aware of safety and how to properly interact with full scale aircraft. Thank you for your time and attention. Wayne Wagner AMA#1129162 Secretary/Treasurer Permian Basin Model Aircraft Club”