, Richmond

, Kentucky

, United States

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2020-02-23 17:49:41
“I am a low income individual that lives in a rural area. I build most of my own planes because I can’t afford the commercially sold ones. I can barely even afford the electronics for my planes and have to save up to buy parts here and there. I fly on farmland and at local parks neither have wifi access. I fly at these locations because of the low RF noise level. I don’t have a “Smart Phone” so an app or data packages aren’t an option for me. I don’t even know where an AMA flying field is in my area, and even if I did, I can’t really spare the money for membership and money for the required insurance to fly at their fields. If I can’t afford AMA membership, or a smart phone, and have to save up to buy a motor or servos, I certainly can’t afford costly radio equipment to broadcast where my foamboard plane is flying. I just want to be able to keep enjoying this great hobby the way I have and the way others have for decades. I’m not bothering anyone, in fact I always get positve feedback when others see me flying. Many people stop to ask me about my planes, if i built them, and the kids love watching me. I fear these FAA rules will turn me into a criminal because I can’t afford to comply, and I am not letting the money I have invested into my planes just hang on the wall like decorations. I also worry equipment will become more expencive and inovation will be stiffled as companies shut down or switch to servicing other sectors. I have already noticed that many of the sites I use to buy my equipment, (RMRC, GetFPV, HobbyKing, ect) have scores of out of stock inventory as people rush to buy what they can before the rules take effect. Thank you Flite Test for fighting for us and the hobby, and shame on the government for trading off more and more of our freedom for safty.”