, Matthews

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 17:48:22
“My name is Christopher Bruck. I am 20 years old and live in Matthews, North Carolina. I have been a casual drone hobbyist for the past decade and a serious one for the past year when I got into the FPV (first person view) drone hobby. In this past year, I have fallen in love with designing, building, and flying these drones. This hobby enables me to fly and there is nothing quite like it. I am concerned about the ramifications this rule would have for hobbyists like me and plead that it is not passed in its current written form. If this rule goes into effect, I will no longer be able to buy my own parts to put together my own drone. I will no longer be able to fly that drone in my own backyard. I will no longer be able to do what I love. I understand the potential threat that drones can pose and agree that there is a need for regulation, but I believe this rule goes too far. I believe that there need to be exceptions put in place for those of us that wish to build and fly our own drones for education and recreation. I propose that the owner of land should also be the owner of the air above their land by at least 400 feet, or as tall as the tallest structure on their land, and be able to decide for themselves whether drones without remote identification should be able to fly in that space. This would enable people like me to fly our drones legally and safely on our own property and on the property of those that wish to give us permission to fly there. For more specifics on suggested methods of implementation, as well as other specific concerns about the NPRM, please refer to the FPVFC response to the NPRM, which I am attaching below. Please consider it as an addendum to my comment.”