, apollo beach

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-23 17:58:26
“I started multirotors about three years ago as a hobby. My first one was a DJI Phantom but this quickly turned into scratch built as this is a major part of the experience. Learning the components, function and limits is as much part of the experience as the actual air time. As an actual pilot I’m not that good but being able to research the build, solve the problems and then actually test the aircraft and have it work is the best. I fly in my own yard or at local open properties, typically < 5-10 minutes by bike. Typically alone or with my son. We have never had an accident or any problem with any neighbors. I jokingly refer to multirotors as my addiction, they provide a safe and enjoyable hobby with a reasonable outdoor component. The photo shows a curious hawk that tried to take down my Japalura. No hawks were injured. After I realized he was chasing me I landed and packed up to leave. He came back to fly overhead as I was putting my gear away, I'm sure he was thinking "hey, that's my dinner".”