, Ventura

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 17:57:53
“I first got into the idea of flying R/C airplanes several years ago. I had always been into the hobby, but I was mostly occupied with multi rotor/RTF stuff. I recently got lots of new equipment, including a Spektrum Dx9 transmitter and receivers. I’m only 15 years old, so that was a fairly large advancement for my financial circumstances. I absolutely LOVE Flite Test – it has given me so many great tips, tricks, and info, not to mention good business. I buy the majority of my R/C supplies from them. This hobby is in danger. Although these new regulations may increase safety in some remote areas, the negative overall impact on the R/C field is far to great to justify them. If what people enjoy doing is made so difficult to access that they stop doing it, it is a sign that a wrong move was made. I DO NOT want that to be me or anyone else that spends profitable time in the R/C fields.I understand that these new regulations are proposed for good safety reasons, but they are basing them on the negligible minority of people who cause trouble; so now the few bad apples will spoil the entire bunch. We need to not react so strongly with new rules and proposals because of the troublesome minority at the expense of the cooperative majority. After all, if one actually had a basket of apples with one rotten one, he wouldn’t throw out the entire basket because of one bad apple, would he?”