, Ann Arbor

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-23 17:52:25
“I started flying with my children as many of us have. We bought a very small drone for christmas and were fascinated by the ability of these tiny toys. Since buying our first drones we have all learned as a family how to build and program, or at least “tune” fpv drone flight characteristics. We thoroughly enjoy the ability to film different locations, as well as the amazing feeling of flying fpv drones. The hobby has also broadened our interest in film, photography, and video editing. Also the art of music and combining filming with footage from our drones. The skills we have acquired in an effort to learn how to fly drones has increased our abilities in other aspects of our lives as well. This hobby helps nurture the ability to fix things, troubleshoot problems, and improve on designs. All skills I think will also improve over time. The hobby has also created communities both online, and real world around us that we never know existed. It has created friendships that span age groups and bring together old and young people in a shared interest, kind of rare these days. I don’t believe it is a good idea to restrict the hobby of RC to the extent that has been proposed. Safety is important and regulations that promote it and attempt to enforce it seem to be inevitable. But the rights and freedoms of citizens should be considered in tandem with the corporate and governmental groups that are proposing changes to this hobby that has existed almost unknown until now.”