Tapp (aka Protonus)

, Webster

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 19:37:12
“Flying is in my blood, in my dna. Both sides of my family have flown r/c and control line, and many are pilots of manned aircraft. I am a distant relative of the Wright Brothers. Hobby aviation and self built aircraft are the foundations upon which the entire industry of aviation was built. While I enjoy the thought of a “Jetsons esque” future with drone deliveries and drone taxis – these advancements should not come at a loss of a hobby that made them possible in the first place. These FAA proposals very clearly have little to nothing to do with safety, rather, the are to pave the way for corporations to mine our low altitude skies for gold. While I have no issue with companies expanding their airspace, our rights as hobby fliers must be protected. The current proposals are extremely draconian. They are unrealistic. They turn good citizens into criminals. They will not and cannot be followed by the vast majority of hobby fliers. We won’t give up our hobby. So once again government overreach makes good people into enemies of the state only to protect corporate interests. This sickens me, and makes me sad to be an American. Our country was founded on the principals of personal liberty and freedom. These proposals are anything but that. The impact to education in the areas of science and engineering are immeasurable. I will be at the protest on the 29th at FAA headquarters, travelling 6 hours from where I live in upstate NY because I believe it to be this important, to take off work and travel.”