, New Castle

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-24 19:00:04
“I started flying about 3 years ago. I had seen friends/family members fly quadcopters and always wanted to try one myself. I purchased a DJI Spark and controller and later a set of DJI goggles for FPV flight. Flying has been an incredible experience and seeing the world from a birds eye perspective opened the door to a whole world of possibilities. I learned about the FPV community through some of the more popular YouTube channels (Rotor Riot, Flite Test, etc.) and was amazed at the number of people flying FPV and what they were doing with it. My DJI drone can’t pull off the stunts and flips I was seeing, but they gave me a goal to aim for. I’ve been practicing flight with my drone, mastering flight movements and stick positioning so that I could one day move into freestyle acrobatic flying with a drone I built myself. I think that learning to build and fly drones would be beneficial to me because I want to have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the drone and how it functions, mechanically speaking. When I learned about the proposed FAA remote ID regulations, I put that on hold. I still fly my DJI Spark whenever I can, but I don’t feel like building a drone right now is a good idea, when it may be essentially outlawed in a few weeks.”