, Greensburg

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-18 17:40:34
“Flying matters to me because it is my time to be creative and let all the stress of normal day to day stressors go away. This hobby has given me a reason and a purpose to continue to be productive and also given me an outlet to learn new things daily. 99% of my friendships now exsit because of flying remote controlled models. I look forward to either flying or building something rc daily. If it’s raining or super cold (winter) I can build or fix my models. I always have at least 3 fixed wing models in my car with everything needed to fly them. Most days I fly on my way to work, and in the summer I can fly after work because it is still daylight. No joke, I love this hobby like a family member, and if strict rules where implemented, that would 100% change how my days would go. Plane and simple there cannot be a blanket ruling to cover everything that flies that is remote controlled. There is enough airspace to have us the hobbyist still enjoy our freedom and fly, while giving the corporations that are trying to gain control of the sky space to accomplish their endevers. Please do not take my happiness away…”