, Canada

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2020-02-18 21:04:48
“Fpv, rc, ground and air crafts have a special place in my life. I’ve grown up with them as a hobby since I was 12 yes old. At 14 I was competitively racing RC cars around the world. I was involved with tech support and r&d from my early teen years and experienced things that at that age that not many get the opportunity to experience. At 40 yrs old, I am back in he rc hobby as a multirotors enthusiast, particularly with fpv flying. I got back into this hobby about 5 years ago after learning about rc multirotors with cameras to pilot the craft. I was going through a rough time in my life 10 yrs ago and this hobby not only provided the challenge I needed to move past my troubled years. I’ve entered a career a few year ago in the drone industry and m life has changed beyond words for the better since I found this hobby industry. The things I’ve watched young kids achieve with Lea ring this technology and perfecting it’s use is just astounding. I felt very sad this ing that we might over regulate this industry till it dies. The benefits rc has provided to generations of people around the world, we should be encouring it’s growth rather than fear it and only focusing on the bad things that can happen. I hope that we can find a path to ensuring our hobbies survival and growth while maintaining the current safety standard for the skies that we’ve held for generations in the past. Justfpv”